Chiropractic Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Instructions: Heartland Chiropractic Center values your feedback, so please take a moment to answer the following questions. This information allows us to improve our services and provide better care. If a particular section is not applicable to you, please mark as N/A.


1. It was very fast and easy to schedule my appointment.
2. The staff was very courteous while setting up my appointment.
3. The Staff answered all my questions about my visit.
4. All phone calls were returned in a timely manner.
5. It was easy to find a parking spot.
6. Comments about availability:


1. The front desk staff was courteous and helpful.
2. I did not have to wait long in the waiting room.
3. My insurance benefits were explained to me so that I could understand them.
4. I was given options for different appointment times.
5. Comments about our center:


1. My Initial Evaluation was scheduled within 48 hours or within my desired time frame.
2. The Chiropractor introduced himself to me personally.
3. The Chiropractor was courteous and friendly.
4. The Chiropractor explained my injury/problem to me in a way I could understand.
5. The Chiropractor showed concern for my questions and worries.
6. The Chiropractor was able to answer my questions and sufficiently explain my diagnosis and plan of care.
7. The Chiropractor asked me what I wanted to accomplis during treatment.
8. The Chiropractor spent enough time with me during my initial visit.
9. I have confidence in my Chiropractor.
10. I would recommed this Chiropractor to a friend.
11. Comments about your Chiropractor:


1. The Chiropractic staff members that worked with me were friendly, knowledgeable and professional.
2. The Chiropractor made sure I had a clear understanding of what exercisies and activities I should and should not be doing.
3. At follow-up visits, I received enough individual attention from the Chiropractor.
4. When I arrived for my appointments, the services began promptly.
5. I did all that my Chriopractor asked me to do to help myself get better during my course of treatment.
6. My Chiropractor communicated with me regarding my progress.
7. Comments about the quality of care:


1. The billing statements I received from HCC were clear and understandable.
2. The billing staff was helpful in answering my questions and concerns.
3. I received timely answers to my questions.
4. The billing staff was friendly and knowledgeable.
5. Comments about billing:


1. The chiropractor showed me how I progressed from my first visit to my last visit.
2. My improvement was better that I expected.
3. I would recommend Chiropractic care at HCC to my family and friends.
4. How would you rate your OVERALL experience at Heartland Chiropractic Center?
Are there any staff members you think deserve special recognition for the good work they did with you during your care? Please Explain:
What did you least like about your experience at Heartland Chiropractic Center?
What did you most like about your experience at Heartland Chiropractic Center
How did you hear about Heartland Chiropractic Center?
What could we have done better to improve your care?
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